Save climate and planet

Of all the propulsion technologies for vehicles, only sustainable synergic-thermal propulsion generates impacts that are at least 50% lower than those of 2010 thermal propulsions. It is therefore the only one to effectively contribute to safeguarding the climate and the planet.

Contribution of propulsion technologies 2040 to safeguarding the climate and the planet – reductions compared to the impact of thermal propulsions 2010 greater than 50%

The missing contributions of other technologies vary greatly depending on the technology and the domain concerned. They are on average about twice as high for conventional thermal technology as for electric propulsions consuming mainly renewable current (-0.32 against -0.14). They are the lowest for CO2 emissions (average -0.13), while they amount to -0.21 on average for environmental loads and -0.35 for resource requirements. Regarding sustainable synergic-thermal propulsion, the replacement of solar fuel by a fossil fuel reduces by almost 60% the contribution of this technology to safeguarding the climate and the planet.

Sustainable synergic-thermal propulsion is the only one that sufficiently reduces the ecological footprint of vehicles in circulation in the world, to allow the survival of the planet.

A rapid implementation of this technology is an imperative necessity, in the interest of the current generation and future generations. No serious obstacle, neither of a technical nature, nor of a financial nature, nor of an environmental nature, nor of a political nature should oppose it.

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