…an innovative eco-engine

The unique architecture and innovative mechanics of the sustainable thermal AEQUEO eco-engine meet the requirements of efficiency and effectivity better than any other heat engine, and make it powerful and universal.

His characteristics:

  • Annular configuration with opposed pistons and stationary chambers (allowing a compact and light frame, a reduced number of parts, a perfect balance of forces and masses in movement as well as low mechanical stresses),
  • Central rotary distributor located at the end of the engine shaft (making the cylinder head, valves and their springs, camshafts and camshaft controls superfluous, and helping to reduce friction),
  • Piston drive by double central cam and rockers (replaces the classic crankshaft-connecting rod system, with the advantage of concentrating the forces transmitted by the pistons on a single point, of transmitting the resulting torque directly to the engine frame and of perform only one revolution per cycle, which makes it possible to easily meet the requirement of a dual chamber geometry),
  • Dual chamber geometry (implements the Atkinson principle by simply modifying the profile of the double central cam, to which is added a slight displacement of the spark plugs and the intake and exhaust ports),
  • Continuously controlled compression variator (optimizes engine performance, reacts instantly to any change in speed)
  • Device for free sliding of the pistons (eliminates any mechanical support on the walls of the enclosure, ensures the lubrication of the latter as well as the cooling of the piston heads, and contributes to the sealing of the chambers),
  • Heat exchangers coupling the cooling of the piston heads and that of the chamber (save on a separate oil cooling circuit).

Fundamentally, the techniques used to run the sustainable thermal AEQUEO eco-engine are those on which the classic connecting rod and crankshaft engine has relied for 140 years. Its development, production and maintenance are thereby facilitated. The reduced number of parts simplify assembly, maintenance and repair.

Cuts through the enclosure and oscillator of the sustainable thermal AEQUEO eco-engine
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