…an universal useable eco-engine

Components of the sustainable thermal AEQUEO eco-engine

Innovative and powerful, the sustainable thermal AEQUEO eco-engine operates safely and reliably, can use a variety of fuels and is suitable for large-scale automated production. Its maintenance can also be ensured anywhere in the world.

The individual vehicles that it equips are not only less heavy and less expensive than their conventional electric or thermal counterparts, but the environmental impacts they generate during their life cycle (CO2 emissions, polluting emissions, damage to nature and the environment). landscape) and their resource requirements are furthermore between 50-75% lower.

The engine can propel low foot-print land, sea or air vehicles of all types and formats (motor cars, heavy goods vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural or construction machinery, boats of all tonnages, airplanes). It is also suitable for stationary use. Its low cost also makes it accessible to users from all parts of the world.

Sustainable thermal AEQUEO eco-engine mechanics

Its qualities and universality make the thermal AEQUEO eco-engine the ideal propeller for low-footprint vehicles, essential for achieving sustainable global mobility.

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