F4 – Implementation

Its reduced impacts on the environment and resources and its affordable operating costs are the two major characteristics of the sustainable synergic-thermal propulsion technology Aequeo Now. These characteristics make possible the generalization of low footprint vehicles, meeting the essential mobility needs of the populations and economies of the world. They thus promote responsible mobility capable of preserving the planet and the climate.

The following efforts are required for the implementation of this technology:

Technical tune-up
Aequeo Solutions, designer of the thermal eco-engine and the sustainable synergistic propulsion, is currently looking for an industrial partner to develop the responsible mobility technology, and make it available to vehicle manufacturers wishing to contribute to planet-friendly global mobility.

Interested parties are invited to contact the company directly.

Transparency on the impacts
Transparent communication about the planetary impacts of vehicles in circulation around the world would support the implementation of planet-friendly mobility technology.

Clean fuels
Marketing clean, carbon-neutral fuels would help reduce the overall footprint of vehicles

Sustainable legislation
Appropriate technical standards and favorable taxation would be likely to support the generalization of vehicles with a low overall footprint.

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