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A revolutionary thermal engine, for planet-friendly carbon-free mobility

Biel/Bienne, April 2022 / AEQUEO responsible mobility technology combines a high-efficiency and -effectivity thermal eco-engine and sustainable synergistic propulsion. It aims to spread, on a planetary level, low ecological footprint vehicles, with impacts on the environment and resources 50-70% lower than those of conventional thermal or electric vehicles. The website provides information on this technology and on the support sought for its implementation.

Motor vehicles have significant impacts on the environment and resources during their life cycle: CO2 emissions, water, air and soil pollution, damage to nature and the landscape, exploitation of exhaustible resources such as minerals, drinking water or biodiversity. The intensity of these impacts and the places where they occur vary depending on the use made of the vehicles, but also on the propulsion technologies used. Thus, the greatest impacts of thermal vehicles are generated at the places of their use, whereas electric vehicles exert their impacts mainly on the places of extraction of minerals, manufacture and recycling of batteries and, often still currently, of electricity production.

Current technological developments, in particular the replacement of thermal vehicles by electric vehicles, have the main effect of reducing certain impacts in certain places, and increasing others in other places. However, in a perspective of sustainable development, a major reduction in the environmental loads resulting from the use of motor vehicles is essential everywhere. This leads to the need for innovative technology that is more respectful of the planet, that conserves resources, meets all environmental requirements and is accessible to populations and economies in all regions of the world.

AEQUEO responsible technology aims to reduce the ecological footprint of vehicles by 50 to 70%, all environmental areas combined, while keeping costs at an acceptable level. It is based on two elements: a high-performance thermal eco-engine, and sustainable synergistic propulsion. With an entirely new design, the eco-engine takes advantage of the recognized potential for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal combustion engine, in particular the dual geometry of the chambers, the variable compression, the free sliding of the pistons, the reduction in the number of parts and in the mechanical stresses to which they are subjected, or the balance of forces and moving masses. These various measures have the effect of significantly reducing the weight, size, costs, fuel consumption and polluting and CO2 emissions of the engine. Sustainable synergistic propulsion, on the other hand, takes advantage of the synergies achievable between this engine, a lightweight, long-life vehicle airframe and clean, carbon-neutral fuel.

Its reduced ecological footprint and low cost are the main advantages of responsible mobility technology. It is, of all the new propulsion technologies for vehicles, the most favorable to the climate and the planet, the most economical in resources and the least dependent on fossil fuels, the one that best meets the needs of the population and the economy of all regions of the world, the one that causes the lowest costs for users, communities and the entire planet, and the only one that can be developed and produced in a decentralized way at the global level.

Aequeo Solutions, designer of responsible mobility technology, presents the main elements on its website and in various reports to download, thus making this information available to any person or institution concerned with the future of the planet and who wants to work for sustainable mobility. It is currently looking for an industrial partner to develop this technology and make it available to vehicle manufacturers. It is grateful in advance for any support it may receive in this research.

Aequeo Solutions is a subsidiary of Aequeo Michel Matthey, a sustainable development consulting company, based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.


Aequeo Solutions, CH-2502 Biel


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