Aequeo Now 


Sustainable thermal option AEQUEO NOW aims to reduce the impact of mobility on the environment and resources at the planetary level. In particular, it provides for the production of vehicles with a low ecological footprint, which meet the essential mobility needs of the population and the economy of the various regions of the world and offer bearable operating costs for the users and communities concerned. It is intended to be accessible to as many people as possible and should be able to be implemented as soon as possible.

The AEQUEO NOW technology brings to mobility problems a response adapted to the climate emergency and the planetary situation. It minimizes the impacts generated globally by the manufacture, use and recycling of motor vehicles and by the production and distribution of the energy they consume, and minimizes the need for exhaustible resources. It aims to be both efficient (minimize environmental impacts) and effective (minimize resource requirements).

Its low impact on the environment and resources, its ability to meet the diverse mobility needs of the world’s populations and economies, the fact that it can be easily implemented on a large scale and the contribution it could make to sustainable global mobility, make AEQUEO NOW technology an element of strategic importance for the preservation of the climate and the planet.Foundations of the AEQUEO NOW Technology


F1 – High efficiency and high effectiveness thermal eco-engine
F2 – Sustainable synergistic-thermal propulsion
F3 – Respect the planet
F4 – Implementation

Features of the technology

A future for our childrenSustainable mobility
Technological options
Realize synergistic- thermal…a powerful engine
Conception thermal engine… …an innovative engine
Low impact vehicles…an universal useable engine
ImplementationSave climate and planetImages of the finished engine

Additional information (documents to download)

Presentation flyer  (AEQUEO NOW synergistic propulsion, PDF, 2 pages)
Review article (Responsible technology, PDF, 4 pages)
Explanatory brochure (Sustainable AEQUEO eco-engine, PDF, 4 pages)

Aequeo Solutions, designer of the thermal eco-engine and the sustainable synergistic propulsion, is currently looking for an industrial partner to develop the responsible mobility technology, and make it available to vehicle manufacturers wishing to contribute to planet-friendly global mobility.